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Experience Jet Flight Simulator Canberra!


At Jet Flight Simulator Canberra you'll find a unique blend of flight-based entertainment.


Joining our fantastic simulator based on the Boeing 737-800 are two sensational ICAROS active VR machines. These are the only ICAROS available for entertainment in Australia.
The vintage arcade game, PropCycle, is also available to our guests.


Escape into a virtual world of flight. You will captain and have control of the most popular commercial plane in the world. Or put your physical skills to the test in the virtual reality worlds as your control ICAROS by shifting your centre of gravity.


Why not come along with a group of friends for an hour or two and experience the variety of incredibly realistic flight opportunities.


— No experience needed —

— Bring others along to watch for free—

— The most unique GIFT in Canberra —


Jet Flight Simulator Canberra is locally owned, and operated by experienced instructors. ICAROS flights are assisted by fully-trained operators, and jet simuator flights are assisted by qualified pilots especially trained for simulator instruction.


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B737 Flights


Truly Unforgettable Flight Experience


The team at Jet Flight Simulator Canberra offer an amazing and truly unforgettable flight experience to suit the complete novice right up to highly experienced commercial pilots.

Get a sense of what it's like to fly the world's most popular commercial jet, and become familiar with the primary aircraft controls – engine throttles, flaps, elevator, ailerons and rudder.


Experienced Flight Instructor
weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow

Experienced Flight Instructor


Your friendly instructor will be by your side to verbally guide you through your successful flight. Your instructor will also act as your First Officer so you can fill the role of Captain and become pilot in command thus truly recreating a genuine multi crew operations flight deck to ensure you get an amazing and realistic experience that will remain deep in your memories for years to come.



Choose from over 22,000 airports


To ensure maximum enjoyment you can choose from over 22,000 airports and you can even choose the simulated time of day that you want to fly including weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow.

Experienced Flight Instructor

ICAROS Flights


ICAROS active VR

ICAROS Active Virtual Reality


ICAROS creates exciting, motivating and entertaining VR experiences for entertainment and fitness. Conquer the skies of the Swiss Alps, prove your firepower and aim at shooting drones, explore the underwater world or compete in live races with other ICAROS pilots around the globe at ICARACE. When working with ICAROS, not even the sky is the limit.


ICAROS - We make you fly


You'll be taken through your introduction to ICAROS by a trained asistant. Once you've become familiar with how to control ICAROS by adjusting your body position, you'll put on the VR headset and feel completely immersed in the ICAROS virtual reality.

Even as a beginner you'll soon become comfortable navigating within the landscape. As a more experienced player you'll choose from a range of agility, battle and exploration games.

Experienced Flight Instructor
ICAROS active VR

Ideal for Groups and Parties


Organise a group of 2 to 15 people to explore ICAROS. You can compete for the high score, and race directly against each other, or work cooperatively in battle against alien drones.


Include the jet simulator for an unbeatable and unforgettable experience of unsurpassed flight-based fun.




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