Young Aviator Program

The Young Aviator Program teaches young boys and girls aged 11-18 to fly our fantastic simulator. Aviators will learn and operate the primary flight controls and develop skills in basic navigation. Each group of 4 aviators will work in teams of two during the morning. Each person will spend time as the pilot in the simulator, as well as act as co-pilot for their team member.

All simulator flying is supervised by our experienced instructor, ensuring maximum benefit to participants. Teams will also work through aviation exercises to build their knowledge of flight and navigation before putting their skills into practice in the simulator. Activities are designed to challenge participants without discouraging them, and are flexible to cater for differing levels of expertise within the age group. Where possible, team members are of a similar age.



From the parent of one of our participants:

Just a quick note to let you know how much Will enjoyed the Young Aviator Program. In fact, he wants to spend his own money on doing it again! Will hasn't stopped talking about the experience and I even heard him testing his little sister on what sounded like physics that he'd learnt! I was impressed with the work he'd done in the booklet he brought home.
Thank you so much and well done on the program.


Key features:

  • · Caters for ages 11 to 18.
  • · Places are limited to 4 aviators per session.
  • · Our staff are qualified pilots and experienced sim instructors.
  • · Sessions are 9am-1pm weekdays during the school holidays.
  • · Sessions run on demand. That is, we will run a session when we have 4 aviators registered for that day.
  • · Light refreshments (fruit, drink) provided for morning tea.

What's involved:

Here's a typical 4-hour schedule:

 Team Blue  Team Red
 Welcome and Cockpit Tour  Welcome and Cockpit Tour
 Introductory Sim flight  Flight Challenge
 Circuit Planning  Introductory Sim flight
 Sim Circuit flight  Circuit Planning
 Navigation Exercise Planning   Sim Circuit flight
 Refreshments  Refreshments
 Navigation Exercise Sim flight  Navigation Exercise Planning
   Assess Team Blue's flight
 Flight Challenge  Navigation Exercise Sim flight
 Assess Team Red's flight  
 Farewell  Farewell

What is the cost?

The cost is $99 per aviator for the 4 hour program.

How do I register my interest?

Phone 0438 834 026 to register your interest. We will collect your preferences, and get back to you with an offer of a place.

I've already got a group of 4 together. What should I do?

Phone 0438 834 026 and we'll immediately offer you a suitable morning. Please have two or three alternative dates in mind in case your first preference isn't available.

How do I pay?

Don't pay until your place is offered. Payment of $99 can be made online or over the phone by credit card, and must be made in advance to confirm your place. Payment cannot be made on the day of your session.

Buy Now

Is there a discount for two children from the same family?

Our prices are already as low as we can make them, so no further discount is available.

I've paid already, but ... (can't make it/ missed it/ lost interest...)

Once you have paid, we cannot offer refunds for change of mind, illness, no-shows or other similar reasons, or allow date changes. Please ensure you are available for the day you book for.



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