Forget about travel bans, passports and visa hassles.

Take an overseas family holiday right here in Canberra! Spend a couple of hours taking turns as the pilot of our fantastic B737 simulator, flying the amazing ICAROS Active Virtual Reality platform, and enjoying the vintage PropCycle arcade game.


And you won't have to go through quarantine when you return!

Our Family Holiday Package

  • • Select either 2 hours or 3 hours of family fun
  • • Each family member gets to pilot the B737 simulator
  • • Choose from 22,000 exotic destinations
  • • Each family member gets to fly on the ICAROS Active Virtual Reality platform
  • • No experience needed
  • • Qualified instructors assist your flights
  • • Everyone gets to use the PropCycle vintage arcade game
  • • All inclusive: B737, ICAROS, PropCycle
  • • Additional entertainment for young children

Prices: 2 hours: $450; 3 hours: $625.

Note: This package is for a family: parents and their children. If you want to include non-family members, consider our group and parties options instead. B737 simulator pilots need to be at least 7 years old. ICAROS flyers need to be at least 150cm high, and weigh at most 110kg. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times.

B737 Flight Simulator.

On every flight of sufficient duration you will have the opportunity to...

• learn basic flight controls for throttle, flaps, rudders, elevators and ailerons
• get an in depth look at the aircraft and its on board systems
• explore the procedures implemented prior to and during flight
• cover all flight systems, navigation data and flight controls
• choose from over 22,000 airports around the world for your landings and takeoffs
• modify the simulated weather conditions, time of day, and time of year
• try out visual approaches, instrument approaches, and ILS approaches
• manipulate the flight management computer to assist navigation
• use the auto pilot features for specific flight sectors

Active Virtual Reality

ICAROS creates exciting, motivating and entertaining VR experiences for fitness and entertainment. Conquer the skies of the Swiss Alps, prove your firepower and aim at shooting drones, explore the underwater world or compete in live races with other ICAROS pilots around the world. With ICAROS, not even the sky is the limit.

ICAROS fuses health-science and gaming technology to enhance body and mind performance.

ICAROS enables you to fly, dive and drive through virtual worlds and to exercise your body at the same time. It's called Active VR.





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