Groups and Parties

Enjoy the unique experience of our blend of flight-based entertainment for your next event. We have the only ICAROS for entertainment in Australia, and combined with the B737 jet simulator and the PropCycle vintage arcade game, offer a unique and exceptional opportunity.


Choose the duration of your event, keeping in mind the number of people in your group.


Which expriences will you include? ICAROS alone? B737 alone? Or ICAROS and B737 combined? Will you be using just one or both ICAROS?


You will have the assistance of our trained instructors throughout your event. Jet simulator experiences will vary from test flights to full flights, depending on guest numbers.


Duration No. People Min Age, Height # ICAROS Cost (ICAROS only) Cost (B737 only) Cost (ICAROS and B737)
1 hour 2-6 12, 150cm 1 $120 $189 $285
  4-6 12, 150cm 2 $220 $189 $350
2 hours 7-8 14, 150cm 1 $220 $349 $480
  7-12 14, 150cm 2 $350 $349 $640
3 hours 7-14 14, 150cm 2 $480 $480 $850


The minimum age and height above apply to ICAROS. There is a maximum weight of 110kg for ICAROS. Minimum age for the B737 is 7 years.


For bookings of 2 hours or more you’ll have exclusive use of the entertainment area.


Our equipment is very sensitive and fragile, so we ask that food and drink is kept well away from all equipment, and that the equipment is used in accordance with instructions.


Party invitations are available at no charge.


Bookings need to be made well in advance to avoid disappointment. Payment is to be made at the time of booking.


People with an existing medical condition are advised to consult their doctor before using ICAROS.


Cancellation Policy


When cancelled        Refund available        
 Prior to 7 days from the event 90% of the fee
 Within 7-4 days of the event 50% of the fee
 Less than 4 days from the event no refund



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