Lovers Flights


Fly your lover to the world's most romantic destinations with our new Lovers Flights. Take your relationship to new heights while you hum along to 'Love is in the Air'!


Couples fly together as Pilot and Co-Pilot, with all flights assisted by our qualified instructor. Roles are shared, so you'll be Pilot for half your flights, and your partner will be Pilot for the other half.


This is a unique way to celebrate your love for an anniversary or Valentine's Day.


You’ll each captain an introductory flight to become familiar with the controls before taking off for the first of several of the world’s most romantic flights. Perhaps you'll fly over the Swiss Alps at sunset, around New York at night, Paris in the springtime, or finding a Pacific island at dusk.


Choose between the Standard Lovers Flight of 60 minutes, or the Deluxe Lovers Flight of 120 minutes.


Couples will receive a special gift to celebrate with afterwards. You can purchase Lovers Flights now, and book a time later. To fly on a specific date, it's best to book a week or two in advance to avoid disappointment.


Click on the heart of roses to purchase your Lovers Flights now, or call Customer Support.


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