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ICAROS Active Virtual Reality

Designed and built in Germany, ICAROS fuses health-science and gaming technology to enhance body and mind performance. The combination of VR technology and free-flowing movements in space creates a complete physical and visual user experience.

ICAROS has won many design awards in the short time since it was developed.

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Assisted Introduction

If it's your first time with ICAROS we'll incrementally introduce you. Your personal assistant will ensure ICAROS is properly adjusted for your height. You'll then get the hang of operating ICAROS without the Virtual Reality headset, altering the position of the frame by altering your body's centre of mass. Small movements of your hips makes a significant change to the position of the ICAROS frame.

Once you are comfortable with tilting ICAROS, it's time to put on the VR headset, and enter the virtual world ready for wonderful fun and physical challenge.

Your Flight

In the 'Arcade Race' game, you'll manoeuvre in the air high above the virtual island, attempting to move through the sequence of rings. You'll be awarded points for every ring you successfully pass through, plus bonus points for time taken.

Try to better your score next time, or do better than your friends!

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Advanced Flight

Team up with friends or go it alone for longer flights. Together you can join forces defeating an alien scout ship and its remote drones.

Or race against each other in real time. Who can navigate and control their flight the best?

Try the more challenging scenarios, demanding greater physical agility and concentration. Keep control of your flight as fatigue starts to diminish your strength.

For the serious, experienced ICAROS pilot, test your skill against other pilots around the world in ICARACE. If you become very proficient you could consider entering the world ICARACE championships.

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Unique Australian Experience

We have the only two ICAROS machines available for flights in Australia!

Make the most of this unique opportunity. Whether you come on your own, or as part of a larger group, you're sure to have a sensational experience.

Get a sense of the range of ICAROS opportunities through the videos below.

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The first few videos showcase different scenarios.
The final video highlights the ICAROS device.


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All simulator activities take place at this address.

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