Active Virtual Reality

ICAROS creates exciting, motivating and entertaining VR experiences for fitness and entertainment. Conquer the skies of the Swiss Alps, prove your firepower and aim at shooting drones, explore the underwater world or compete in live races with other ICAROS pilots around the world. With ICAROS, not even the sky is the limit.

ICAROS fuses health-science and gaming technology to enhance body and mind performance.

ICAROS enables you to fly, dive and drive through virtual worlds and to exercise your body at the same time. It's called Active VR.

Your ICAROS Experience

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Meet your Instuctor


On arrival you will be met by your experience instructor. Our instructors have completed our comprehensive instructor training, and are accomplished ICAROS pilots.

Meet your instructor
Getting Started

Comprehensive Introduction


If you are new to ICAROS, we help you become familiar with gradually shifting your centre of gravity to control the position of the ICAROS platform. Once you are comfortable controlling the mechanical aspects of ICAROS, you'll have the virtual reality gear fitted and adjusted for you.


Your Flight


Once you've completed your introduction, or if you've used ICAROS before, you're ready to fly through the virtual world. Defend against an alien attack, or go for a personal best score racing through the hoops. With ICAROS, not even the sky is the limit.


Your Flight





The first few videos showcase different scenarios.
The final video highlights the ICAROS device.



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