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30 Min Flight

30 Min Flight $99 (was $199)


This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone wishing to get a taste of what it is like to fly a big jet liner. The session includes a briefing from the instructor covering the basic flight instruments and flight controls prior to take-off. All 30min flights put you at the controls and will include at least 1 take-off and landing and will also cover basic aircraft handling skills and some basic navigation skills. Buy Now


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60 Min Flight

60 Min Flight $169 (was $299)


The 60 min session allows for a more in depth look at the aircraft and its systems on board. The session will begin with a briefing from the instructor and cover flight instrumentation and flight controls. This session also allows for a more in depth look at the systems available to the pilots and procedures implemented prior to and during flight. You will be able to choose at least 2 different flight locations around the world if you wish and add the challenge of different weather conditions. This session can also include instrument approaches and engine failures. Buy Now


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90 Min Flight

90 Min Flight $218 (was $399)


This is a session for the "Plane Crazy" aviator, in this session there will be a comprehensive coverage of all flight systems, navigation data and flight controls. The choice of airports is all yours including any weather conditions available and time of day in the simulated environment. Different approach styles will be covered from Visual Approaches, ILS approaches and more. The auto-pilot systems are also covered and the person flying will be invited to manipulate the auto pilot for various flight stages, navigation and approach sectors. Buy Now


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120 Min Flight

120 Min Flight $269 (was $499)


After completing a 120 min session you will almost feel ready to call your local airline and apply for a job. This session will cover all there is to know about the aircraft. Included in this session will be all instrumentation, auto pilot function and manipulation, engines, flaps, navigation and flight instrumentation and flight management computers. Included will be simulated engine failures if desired and an in depth look into factors and forces of flight and aircraft handling theory just to mention a few. The world is your oyster and you can choose from 22,000 airports and almost any imaginable weather conditions and simulated time of day. Buy Now


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PLEASE NOTE: The information above is a guide only. All sessions place you at the controls and can be tailored to suit your requirements. 1 person per session unless stated otherwise. Tickets are Non refundable. Tickets expire 6 months from purchase date.


All flight packages will incorporate a briefing to take you through all the basic instructions to complete your full flight experience.



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